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100TB VPS Automation

100TB WHMCS Module

100TB VPS Automation v1.2

€20.00 Yearly

As a Reseller of 100TB you might be selling 100TB VPS based various locations. So as a provider you must want that your customer can manage their VPS servers from WHMCS itself as well as Admin you also want the same. Using 100TB VPS Automation Module you can give extra hands to your end user/client to manage their VPS In comparison with your competitors.

100TB VPS Features

Client Features:
  • VPS Power On/Off.
  • VPS Reboot & Recovery Reboot.
  • Monthly Bandwidth use view.
  • General VPS Information
  • Recovery & VPS Running Status.
  • VPS Suspended Status.
  • View IP Address details.
  • VPS Backup Status.
  • View Initial/Recovery Password.
Admin Features:
  • VPS Power On/Off.
  • VPS Suspend/Unsuspend.
  • VPS Reboot & Recovery Reboot.
  • VPS Password Change.
  • Monthly Bandwidth use view.
  • General VPS Information
  • Recovery & VPS Running Status.
  • Suspended/Terminated Status.
  • View IP Address details.
  • VPS Backup & Statistic Info.

100TB VPS Documentation

  • WHMCS Version 7 or higher
  • IonCude Loaders
  • Module License Key
  • 100TB API Key
  • Once you have downloaded the .zip file to your computer you need to extract the files using your favourite zip extraction program.
  • Upload modules folder to whmcs folder where template folder is optional.
  • Navigate into Setup > Addon Modules and Activate 100TB VPS Automation.
  • Now Click on 100TB VPS Automation Configure Option and Give your Respective API Keys.
  • Add UltratechHost License Key and Give Access Control as per your need and save the setting.
  • Enable/Disable Backup View as per your need.
  • Now Select your Desired Product > Module Settings > Select Module Name as: Tbvps.
  • Under Product Configuration Page Assign Server ID as SSD VPS ID.
  • v1.2:
    Release Date: 02/01/17
    Minor Bug Fixing
  • v1.1:
    Release Date: 15/12/16
    Support for WHMCS v7.1.0
    Bug fix with Backup Restore/Delete for Admin
    Now admin can disable/enable vps statistics for admin/client
  • v1.0:
    Release Date: 12/12/16
    Initial release

100TB VPS Screenshots

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100TB VPS Automation Licensing Module €20.00 Yearly

Includes free update and support for first year.

Refund Policy

There is No Refund Policy applied on the module license whether it's onetime or yearly payment. If you are facing any issue on the module installation or so you can open a ticket with us or if you have any query or you are not sure about this module, you can email us or talk to us via our live chat. Also we would like to say that the modules are developed based on WHMCS latest version so we will not be supporting LTS version of WHMCS or any kind of nulled WHMCS.

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