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Leaseweb Server Automation

Leaseweb WHMCS Module

Leaseweb Server Automation v4.3

€30.99 Yearly

Leaseweb Server Automation for WHMCS is having an abilitty to communicate your WHMCS Panel with Leaseweb's SSC Panel using Leaseweb's API system. Using this module you or your customer can able to do various activities like viewing server information, server reboot, power on/off, IP address block/unblock and so on features implemented in this module.

Leaseweb Server Features

Client Features:
  • Power cycle reboot.
  • View resource use details.
  • General server information with hardware.
  • IPMI access details.
  • Current month bandwidth.
  • Current month datatraffic graph.
  • Reverse DNS setup.
  • Server rescue mode.
  • IP Address Information with Gateway/Netmask.
  • Whether IP Address Is Primary IP Status.
  • IP Address block/Unblock status.
Admin Features:
  • Suspend/Unsuspend/Reboot Server.
  • View Server Installation/Switch/Power Status.
  • View Root & Rescue Mode Password.
  • Server Rescue Mode/Server OS Installation.
  • IP Address Information with Gateway/Netmask/ Is Primary IP, IP Block Status.
  • IP Address Block/Unblock/rDNS Setup.
  • Server Hardware Information with General Information.
  • IPMI Information, Current Month BW & Datatraffic Graph.
  • View All Server Information.
  • Can disable Windows OS/CloudLinux OS.
  • Will Suspend Server on Bandwidth Overuse.
  • Will send Datatraffic Notification on 90% of BW use.
  • Admin Can assign custom bandwidth.
  • Admin can view region based all IPs and can able to block it (If you received any abuse report for specific IP this will be helpful).

Leaseweb Server Documentation

  • WHMCS Version 7 or higher
  • IonCude Loaders
  • Module License Key
  • Leaseweb Different Region API Key
  • Please read the attached Read File in the module.
  • v4.3:
    Release Date: 14/10/17
    Fixed bandwidth use email for user as it sends to wrong user.
    Changed bandwidth use notification settings as: 70%, 80%, 90% from 80%, 90% 95%
    Now specified admin will receive bandwidth notification email for further action can be configured at Addon Configuration.
    Now you can set Cron Job to delete your cancelled server at Leaseweb from WHMCS.
    Implemented Further Less module Configuration.
    Fixed Exception Error Handeling method.
    All Cron Job actions now logged at Activity Log.
  • v4.2:
    Release Date: 09/10/17
    Admin Area:
    Module page redesigned.
    Now can import single/multiple servers as WHMCS server.
    Now can block/unblock single/multiple IPs within module page.
    Now can view multiple server details within module page.
    Can view whether the server is for reseller or not through reference system.
    Disabled bandwidth graph as default & admin can enable the same from module configuration if needed.
    Added reference details with purpose to identify whether assigned to your customer or to your reseller.
    Client Area:
    Disabled bandwidth graph as default & admin can enable the same from module configuration if needed.
    Now reboot option will show confirmation dialog.
    Removed all action links from left side to mitigate any kind of accidental click.
    Added datatraffic bandwidth graph for resellers.
    Recoded from scratch based on framework.
    Removed unwanted configuration options from module configuration.
    Error logging and action logging has been improved.
  • v4.1:
    Release Date: 19/09/17
    Admin Area:
    Added Disable/Enable option for IPMI Access Details
    Added Disable/Enable option for OS Install & Rescue mode
    Added Disable/Enable option for Bandwidth & Datatraffic for Admin
    Added Test Connection Method to check connectivity at server setting
    Client Area:
    Added ACL for OS Installation & Rescue Mode to make less API call
    Removed OS Installation and Rescue Mode section to button method
    Added On OS Installation button click dialog box will open with warnings and on confirm further action will perfomed
    Added On Rescue Mode button click dialog box will open with warnings and on confirm further action will perfomed
    Button Hyperlink removed to post method for Reboot/Rescue/OS Install
    Fixed bandwidth data retrival issue.
    Model Based Code written
    Removed unwanted api methods and merged various methods into one
    Further code revamped.
    License check system improved.
  • v4.0:
    Release Date: 03/07/17
    Updated as of Leaseweb API System Dt. 01.07.2017
    Updated Rescue mod password system i.e API system does not returns RescuePassword which is now fixed by Leaseweb after reprting
    Optimized codes those are not in use now.
  • v3.3:
    Release Date: 25/06/17
    Updated for WHMCS v7.2.x
    Minor bug fixed.
  • v3.2:
    Release Date: 29/05/17
    Updated for WHMCS v7.2.1
  • v3.1:
    Release Date: 25/03/17
    Added Custom Bandwidth Assign.
    Fixed Minor bug fixed related to WHMCS Bug - CORE-10723.
  • v3.0:
    Release Date: 11/03/17
    Added Region Based IP Address View along with IP Block/Unblock Option.
    Minor bug fixing.
  • v2.0:
    Release Date: 22/02/17
    Merged all email template into one.
    New Datatraffic email templates added.
    Minor code modification.
  • v1.1:
    Release Date: 14/02/17
    Reseller Option Added.
  • v1.0:
    Release Date: 28/01/17
    Initial release.

Leaseweb Server Screenshots

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