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Reseller API System

WHMCS Reseller API System

Reseller API System v2.1

€45.00 Yearly

Reseller API System enabled API functionality to your resellers/customers unlike normal WHMCS API System it does not require admin authentication for your customers. Your customer can able to communicate using a API Key like any other server providers API system.

Reseller API Features

Client Features:
  • Update Billing System IP Address
  • Can submit Reseller Application
  • Can View API Key details.
Admin Features:
  • Secure API System
  • No administrator username or password is required!
  • No IP White-list for remote API required!
  • Clients can change the IPs address from client area
  • Currently Supported commands are ModuleCustom, ModuleChangePackage, ModuleChangePw, ModuleCreate, ModuleSuspend, ModuleUnsuspend, ModuleTerminate, UpdateClientProduct & UpgradeProduct
  • Data Response in JSON format

Reseller API Documentation

  • WHMCS Version 7 or higher
  • IonCude Loaders
  • Module License Key
  • v2.1:
    Release Date: 18/10/17
    Added support for WHMCS v7.3.x
    Configuration/Module page updated.
    Now modaction, apikey, accountid, etc kept as required.
  • v2.0:
    Release Date: 03/06/17
    Added support for WHMCS v7.x
  • v1.0:
    Release Date: 07/12/16
    Initial release for supporting WHMCS v6.0.x

Reseller API Screenshots

Reseller API Demo

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Reseller API System Licensing Module €45.00 Yearly

Includes free update and support.

Refund Policy

There is No Refund Policy applied on the module license whether it's onetime or yearly payment. If you are facing any issue on the module installation or so you can open a ticket with us or if you have any query or you are not sure about this module, you can email us or talk to us via our live chat. Also we would like to say that the modules are developed based on WHMCS latest version so we will not be supporting LTS version of WHMCS or any kind of nulled WHMCS.

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